02 October 2015: Most people are excited and looking forward to have a weekend or a holiday, but not everyone is going to make a detailed plan or schedule. Thus, how can we have a weekend that is both money saving and comfortable? If you don’t want to spend too much time and energy, Airwheel intelligent scooter is the answer.


While traveling, the entrance fee of the attraction and the accommodation fee account for a large proportion of the expense. Along with the rich of various types of tourism platform services, some large online travel agencies launch a large number of discounts or offer for scenic spots entrance fee or accommodation fee in the weekends or on holidays. However, there is another important expense that we should not forget—the transport fee. In many cases, the distance is not far from the two attractions, but there is no direct bus or subway. Walking is too exhausted and a waste of time. Taxi is a little bit expensive. At this time, if there is an Airwheel electric scooter, all the problem will be solved and your travel will become more comfortable, time-saving, intelligent, and affordable.


Airwheel self-balancing scooter is compact and portable, while only occupies a little space. Users can put it in the trunk when travelling between cities, and ride Airwheel in the attractions or even among the attractions. Some places don’t allow electric bike to enter, but Airwheel electric scooter can shuttle back and forwards, which is convenient and flexible. If one feels tired of riding, there is no problem of taking Airwheel on bus or subway. In addition, the powerful battery ensures a whole day’s travelling and the upgraded engine helps you conquer any kind of terrain. Your journey is just controlled by yourself!

In the end, Airwheel intelligent scooter wishes to bring the scooter lovers leisure, beautiful, and wonderful memories in every weekend.

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