Electric scooter is not only a low-carbon transport, but also a good way to do exercise. As the summer comes and the temperature gets higher?editors of Airwheel summarize some notes that need attention in summer riding. Hope all electric unicycle lovers can prepare and keep away from injury in time, so as to enjoy the fun of riding.

The first injury riders may face is bruise. People wear ellewiith less clothes or thin clothes at summer. The expose area of skin is larger. Therefore, the occurrence probability of bruise is higher in summer than in other seasons. When people ride electric unicycle to pass the flower bed, people may get scratch by the branches or leaves of plants. As a result, riders have to be careful in choose riding routes, get away from compact plants or bunker roads. If the skin gets bruised unfortunately, the first thing he should do is to clean and disinfect the wound. Use an alcohol wipes to scrub around the wound for two to three times. And then clean it with normal saline. As oxygen is good for the wound healing, it is better to expose the bruise into air instead of bind it up.

The second injury is sunburn. It is very easy for riders to get sunburn in summer. The long-time exposure in ultraviolet ray may cause skin injury and inflammation. Sunburn may cause reddening, crack, peeling, burning heat sensation, itching and even blister. Therefore, it is important to protect yourself from the sunburn. Sunscreen is necessary. Riders can wear protective clothes and hats to avoid the direct exposure of sunshine.

The last injury is sunstroke. The excessive accumulation of heat in the body damages the nerve. When riding electric self-balancing scooter in summer, riders should be careful if they feel headache, dizzy or nausea. Once get sunstroke, riders should rest in cool place and drink some saline. Before go out to ride electric scooter, riders can prepare some cooling oil, essential balm and some other medicines.

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