The intelligent self-balancing scooter is used for short-distance trips all the time. Although it has been favored by many white-collars and students, it doesn’t get access to the mass market because of some limitations. Although electric scooters might help solve accclly traffic problems to some degree, it isn’t widely used like bicycles and electric bicycles. To make a breakthrough, Airwheel rolled out a self-balancing sitting-posture scooter A3 on its 2015 New Product Release Conference.

The direct innovation of Airwheel A3 is the change of riding posture. Owing to the standing-posture of traditional self-balancing scooters, riders always feel very tired after long-time standing. Airwheel A3 is a kind of sitting-posture electric scooter. The center of gravity is no longer put on two legs while sitting. And it makes trips on Airwheel A3 more comfortable. Moreover, when most females are parking A3, their feet can easily touch the ground. This considerate design ensures safe riding of A3.

At the same time, the control mode of car steering wheel is applied to Airwheel A3. When turning, riders just need to rotate the handle left or right, rather than shifting body’s center of gravity. See, is it so easy to ride an Airwheel A3?

To make sure the safety of riding this sitting-posture scooter A3, the three pioneering elements are added to A3: electronic brake system, hydraulic suspension and automatic turning induction. The electronic control helps the brake system to respond immediately. And it is accurate and safe. The design of hydraulic suspension combines with traditional adjustable spring suspension. Even if on the bumpy road, the hydraulic suspension of A3 provides users with comfortable riding experiences. To design automatic turning induction, Airwheel uses the vehicle international standards as its references. The turning lights of Airwheel A3 are completely automatic. It helps riders to avoid risks during riding.

Combining innovations with high technologies, Airwheel intelligent electric scooter A3 has overcome the limitations of traditional self-balancing scooters in long-distance trips. A3 has been the first to enter into the mass market of urban commuting.

Mr. Tang
Airwheel electric scooter brand
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