11, July 2015: The humid or dry-hot weather is so not pleasing for the jogging-lovers and the cycling enthusiasts. They can easily get sweat drenched not long after they start to work out, which makes them uncomfortable and lose the interest to go on with working out. But the love for sports should be satisfied. There comes Airwheel, the amazing scooter which can offer you beautiful scenery and good mood in a more environment way without any weariness from a tiring journey.


The scooter is not so widely accepted by many inland cities and developing areas. However, in the developed cities or overseas countries, this kind of transportation tool is really popular among commuters. Airwheel electric scooter, as the leading brand of the industry, has been the relatively common transportation tools among all the commuters. The electric unicycles are often used in the trip from working places to home or in the campus, exhibition pavilions and golf courses. Besides, the, the most excellent advantage is the environmentally friendly design of Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters, which makes the electric self-balancing scooter the necessities of the daily commuting.

With the rapid increase of society needs for the newly invented tools, the scooter leads a new trend all over the world. What’s more, a revolution of the innovative scooter which can replace the traditional tools is developing vigorously. Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter really redefines the transportation and makes the portable wearable devices possible.


Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter is operated under the guidance of principle of shifting balance. The scooter can detect which position it is at real time with the multiaxial gyroscope and accelerometer. Under the proper direction of the precise and high speed calculation performed by the intelligent chip, the engine can fix the unbalance at real time. All these procedures can easily make sure the rider is comfortable in riding. All the rider needs to do is to control the scooter through leaning in certain directions. This is totally different from that of the traditional transportation tools. Ease to learn and ease to control is the goal of Airwheel.

Airwheel electric unicycle is equipped with SONY battery which is imported with original packaging. The powerful battery makes it has the best brake performance. Besides, the scooter body design also shows meticulous and delicate intention of the designer. The energy consumption per 100miles is only 1 kwh, which is super energy-saving and environment friendly. The tyres are all from Chengshin Rubber Company, and of assured high quality which can meet all the needs of different roads.

Airwheel electric one wheel scooter is the best product for summer trip. It can offer the best riding experience.

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