15, July 2015: The street style was dated from the streets and develops along with the urbanization. Essentially, street style is a culture of young people. They are pure, bore and full of personalities. They love fashion and have strong sense of fashion. In recently years, electric self-balancing scooter becomes very popular in street. In the busy streets of cities, we can see some young people riding Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter. They show up, slide quickly and disappear in the stream of cars.


Maybe many people think the young street style lovers only care about how to show off their cool outfits and eccentric activities. However, most of the young people also pay lots of attention on social problems. They just present their care in a different way. In March, many young people held “Flash” activities to response the energy conservation and environment protection activity “Earth One Hour”. Through these activities, they showed their idea of low-carbon travel and environment protection. And choose electric scooter as the daily transport is a behavior that shows the positive attitude of environment protection, but not just for cool or interesting.

Electric self-balancing scooter is also call self-balancing scooters, electric unicycle and self-balance unicycle. The fundamental principle is dynamic stability. It applies the gyroscope system and intelligent chip inside the scooters body to test the angular change of the scooter body. And then the intelligent chip will send orders after precise calculation so the system can keep balance by making adjustment. The energy source of electric self-balancing scooter is lithium battery, which is zero emission and more environmentally friendly than cars.


In order to know more about the electric self-balancing scooter, I went to Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter store and had a try to ride the scooters. I found the electric unicycle is easier to ride than imagined. I could go forward, turn around and stop after a few minutes’ practice. All the actions got responses quickly without delay.

The shopping guide told me, now the consumers of electric unicycle are not only young peoples who buy the unicycle for fun. A large number of consumers are office workers who buy unicycle to play the role of commuter transport. It is popular as it largely reduces the commuting time. What’s more, because of the higher cost performance of Airwheel electric unicycle, it is easier to be accepted by common people compared to other expensive products.

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