06, July 2015: Thomas Neil Rodriguez, a DJ from New York City, who was told that his 16-year-old Poh might have only "days" to live, decided to set out a travel with his canine friend and enjoy landmark destinations across the country; and when Thomas chronicled the happy moments on Instagram, many people sent him messages like “This reminds me of my dog,” and “'I lost my dog recently, and I wish I could have done this with my dog,”. Most of these messages are telling the senders’ regret for not spending more time with their pet dogs. So what about you? Leave more time with your pet dogs and leave no regret to yourselves. But every time you walk you dog you will feel tired because you dogs are too excited to drag you everywhere. Now, don’t worry because Airwheel will solve this problem for you. 


Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters are the newly born smart vehicles which are convenient and eco-friendly. The top speed of Airwheel electric scooters is 20 km/h, which is also the most favorable speed of big dogs like dachshunds. And generally Airwheel electric scooters have a long range which enables you to travel as far as 20 km, a long distance that will make your puppy get down and sleep when they get home. The top-quality hardware and software of Airwheel products will ensure your stability and safety while traveling. Also the simple control skills of Airwheel products only cost you little effort and time to learn. 


Airwheel electric scooters are extremely portable and can be taken into any place. And Airwheel self-balancing scooters are powerful to cope with any road conditions. So don’t worry about the gate or the narrow road in the park, any place you can go with your pet dogs is also accessible with Airwheel scooters. With Airwheel self-balancing scooters, you are able to “run” as fast as your dogs. The embarrassing situation in which you are dragging by your dog around won’t happen again. With Airwheel intelligent scooters you can play “catch me if you can” or race with your puppies as much as you want. When you are enjoying the time with your dog on the grass, just put down your Airwheel and have a good time. The small sized scooters won’t be your burden. 

So, choose Airwheel intelligent scooters, enjoy more time with your puppies and leave no regret to yourselves! 

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