31, August 2015: A new transport named Airwheel electric scooter has emerged in the market, which has swept through the campus with its unique charm. It is known as not only portable and light but also fashionable and eco-friendly, thus well-received by the young. Due to its popularity, it can found everywhere in the campus, such as in front of the canteen or on the campus canal. It has become the most popular and convenient transport among the students.


Jack is a senior high school student who lives quite far from the school. Since he is too young to drive a car to school, he had to take a bus to school. Sometimes, he needed to wait half an hour for the bus to come. As a result, he used to be late for school quite often, which indeed irritated his teachers. In order to solve this problem, his parents bought him an Airwheel intelligent scooter after some research.


They knew this kind of vehicle was rather safe because it could provide riders with several protections. Also, all the parts of the Airwheel self-balancing scooter are carefully selected, thus leaving them no concern about the safety of their son. With the help of the vehicle, Jack has never been late for school ever since. In this way, his teachers start to change their views on him too. Apart from that, he can ride the vehicle to the canteen, which saves him a lot of time. On that account, he can always arrive at the canteen earlier than others and don’t have to wait for long in queue. With the time saved, he can read more books or do more exercises.

Jack is not alone. There are many other students like Jack who has benefited a lot from Airwheel electric scooter. This fashionable transport, not only convenient but also fashionable, has already started a fad among students, becoming an integral part of their school life.

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