14, August 2015: Compared to traditional vehicles, Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters have features as follows: they are small-sized, electricity-powered, innovative, high-tech, foldable and most importantly chic. To meet different consumers’ needs and the potential market’s demands, its R&D team has innovated various intelligent self-balancing scooters, which have different focuses and updated features to give more possibilities to routine life.


The brand new two-wheeled scooter S5 is exclusive for the elite with its streamlined design coupled with SUV holders and spacecraft attitude control structure. It is elegant, chic and the perfect choice for those who require the highest style sensibility. Men riding on S5 will become more eye-catching Mr. Right for most young girls and make them stand out of the crowd in the street.

But if one want to be a quick learner, Airwheel Q-series electric self-balancing scooters are just there. These scooters are featured with double wheel hubs’ design, which makes it possible for the beginners to pick up the riding soon in five minutes. And that is far beyond the imagination of the traditional unicycles. However, if riders want to learn it much quicker, Airwheel S-series’ two wheeled self-balancing scooter can give riders the quickest learning experience and allow them to make it once riders stand on the scooters.


One will have the experience of intelligent manipulation only by his or her back and forth leaning and feel body changes every moment, all of which connects the scooter and the rider, the rider and his or her body during the balance. Besides, it seems all of people are confronted with a new crisis in this information age: the spacial one. They meet traffic jam every day, find no parking lots and pay much for their limited personal home. And the foldable Airwheel two-wheeler could help to handle all these.

One may want to have a better self, more different experiences for the present and future, and Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters will provide those chances to pursue a fashionable and different life from ever.

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