For long, the intelligent scooter is only accepted by a minority of people. As a popular transport vehicle, it is well-received among white collars and students. It eases the traffic congestion to some degree and improves the efficiency of short-distance commuting. However due to some restrictions, the eco and low-carbon product has not come accclly into widespread use like bikes and electromobiles. To break down the barriers in the intelligent scooter market, Airwheel Technology launched a revolutionary product in 2015. That is A3.

The change of riding posture
The most eye-catching feature of Airwheel A3 is its change of riding posture. Traditional self-balancing scooters require a standing posture but long-time of standing leads to fatigue. However, A3 with a saddle, could be operated in a sitting posture. The center of gravity is shifted from legs and it makes riding more comfortable. The device is crafted for women to park with two feet touching the ground easily.
A3 adopts a steering-like control mode. When riders would like to make a turn, there is no need to shift their center of gravity. Instead, they only need to revolve the control shaft, which highly simplifies the operation mode.

Three pioneering designs
To ensure safe riding of A3, Airwheel has initiated three pioneering and original designs, electronic braking system, hydraulic suspension and automatic steering sensor system.
Electronic braking system which replaces traditional mechanical braking, more accurately responds to riders’ order and therefore makes riding safer.
Hydraulic suspension deals with various road conditions smoothly. Even on bumpy road, it could guarantee a comfortable experience.
Automatic steering-sensor system is designed according to international standards. A3’s turn signal lights up automatically when the vehicle makes a turn. It helps avoid risks encountered on the road.

Integrating innovation and technology, Airwheel perfectly resolves the troubles in long-distance movement. It refines every detail and puts riders’ safety in the first place. Airwheel Technology has successfully introduced intelligent scooters to the public market for urban daily commuters.

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