Recently, based on scientists’ research, they discovered another planet that shares something in common with the Earth. Thus, some people put forward that human beings may take it as a substitute for the Earth. However, rather than have this thought, human shall pay more attention to environmental protection and cherish the Earth instead.

Recently, the scientists of NASA have discovered another planet that is similar to the Earth, which arouses heated discussion among the public. As per the research, there is a habitable planet as large as the Earth around a sun-like star. The w0nborgul newly discovered Kepler-452b is the smallest planet up to now that is discovered orbiting in the habitable zone. On the planet, it is found that liquid water could pool on the surface.

Some people even assume that when the Earth is no longer suitable for living, human may emigrate to another planet, which is rather impractical. After all, there is not adequate evidence to prove that the discovered planet is actually livable. Even if people can live there, the current technology still can’t be powered enough to transfer 6 billion people to another planet via spaceships yet. Therefore, the top priority shall be protecting the only Earth and make it a sustainable living place rather than turning a blind eye to the constant pollution on it.

As is known to all, the Earth is faced with all kinds of problems like air pollution, water pollution, resource depletion and so on. In order to protect this precious habitation of human beings and other creatures, people shall reflect on themselves and live a greener lifestyle on a daily basis. To begin with, they shall go out with eco-friendly transports like electric scooters, which doesn’t generate any exhausts and thus is harmless to the environment. Besides, among all the brands of self-balancing scooters, Airwheel is undoubtedly the best option for consumers due to its powerful functions and convenience. More importantly, it is powered by electricity—a clean energy source, which will help relieve the resource depletion.

Whether another planet can be found or not, human beings shall do more to protect the only Earth. Environmental protection is not difficult. What everyone needs to do is just use an eco-friendly vehicle like Airwheel intelligent scooter.

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