04, August 2015: The world is so big that awaits people’s visit. It must be a pleasant thing to have a ride with an electric scooter on a sunny afternoon. More specifically, to make the ride low-carbon and environmentally friendly, Airwheel is absolutely the best choice. With innovative design and powerful technology, Airwheel is regarded as the benchmark of the electric scooter industry. This year, it launched the first pioneering self-balancing scooter with sitting-posture riding mode—Airwheel A3, ushering the industry development into a new height.


The reason why A3 is designed with a sitting-posture riding mode lies in the idea that Airwheel wants to stop the electric scooter being stereotyped as a vehicle for only 5-mile trip. It is not difficult to create a transport that can travel for a long distance but the key is how to make the trip comfortable for the riders. As to traditional self-balancing scooter, riders will feel exhausted for riding that long since they have to keep standing during the ride. Therefore, Airwheel introduces this new riding mode. Apart from that, having considered the needs of female riders, Airwheel makes sure that they are able to touch the ground when braking. What’s worth mentioning, to accord with the riding mode, Airwheel also creates the electronic brake system, hydraulic shock absorption system and auto steering system.


A3 is special not only in its design but also in its intelligent system. In order to provide a better user experience, Airwheel has self-developed a mobile app for the scooter. Users can download the app from the official website of Airwheel and connect it with the vehicle via WIFI. Through the app, users are allowed to monitor the real-time speed, the remaining power, riding time and other data. Based on the users’ preference, they can adjust the vehicle speed and review the vehicle status via the app.

The success of an intelligent scooter depends on the user experience it can provide. As to Airwheel, it is always the company’s mission to offer consumers the safest and most comfortable ride.

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