04, July 2015: Airwheel has led the intelligent self-balancing scooters market for years. As the market leader, Airwheel save consumers much time while choosing which brand to buy. But the various Airwheel products also make it hard for consumers to make their specific decisions. Indeed, how strong the performance or which type the scooter is matter the least. The key point is to choose the one that is most suitable to you. So here the features of several classic Airwheel products will be introduced for helping consumers to make their choices.

Airwheel X3 2

If you are a new buyer of electric scooters, your fist electric unicycle can be Airwheel X3 which is low in price but has the performance strong enough for new learners. For new electric scooter riders, their scooters must “suffer” from riders’ learning the control skills. New riders usually hit some obstacles or fall down and lose control of the scooters. But the above tough time won’t cause any damage to Airwheel X3. The top quality of Airwheel X3 will help new electric scooter players to finish their first “lessons” of learning how to drive an electric scooter.

If you have been a master of intelligent self-balancing scooters and want to update your scooter to a new and more powerful one, the Airwheel will be the best choice for you to show your scooter skills. Airwheel X8 is the top product in X series which has the best performance in power, safety, stability and vehicle functions. With an Airwheel X8, you are able to travel on any terrain: on the sand, on the lawn, on the concrete and so on. Airwheel X8 has the strong power that enables you to travel through any obstacles.

If you are a girl or a young man who wants to be the fashion icon among your friends, Airwheel Q5 will be your best choice. The most portable and fashionable Q series are twin-wheeled electric scooters which are especially suitable to female or young riders because they are easier to control and they have colorful and fashionable appearances. Also the colorful LED lights make Airwheel the most distinguishable scooters on the road. Your fashion life starts from Airwheel Q5.

Airwheel Qseries

So, the large variety of scooters shouldn’t bother you. What you need to do is to choose the most suitable one to you. Airwheel always aims to satisfy the needs of all user groups. So in Airwheel, you will find your most desired vehicles.

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