17, December 2015: Airwheel Technology has offered many choices for intelligent scooter fans. Airwheel riders could be more stylish when they learn to match different intelligent self-balancing scooters with their own styles. How could Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter, as a mobile vehicle alternates between different styles?


The sportive style is the electric skateboard M3. For some intelligent self-balancing scooter fans, an Airwheel electric scooter is like a seasoning to balance the busy work and the life. Riding an M3 to work is an energetic way to start a day. Stepping onto the vehicle, people could feel the passion and enthusiasm of riding. Discriminated from traditional skateboards, M3 is powered by electricity and operated by a wireless remote control. It is much more labor-saving and convenient for daily commuters to use. Some skillful riders even practice difficult performing tricks to challenge themselves with an M3.

The elegant and poetic style is intelligent electric walkcar S6. The noisy city, gray skies and fast tempo of work make people dull and vulgar. How could people retrieve the poetic life in cities? They need to slow down their paces and discover the positive side of life, with an Airwheel mini self-balancing scooter S6. The nimble product assists riders to adopt the most elegant riding style, either sitting or standing. Sitting on the vehicle to wander around the city, people could enjoy the scenery that they have never been noticed before.


The romantic style is the intelligent self-balancing unicycle X8. Do lovers get bored with their dating? Dining together and watching movies are repeated day by day. How about a date with Airwheel intelligent unicycles X8? It will definitely be a memorable, romantic and healthy date. Lovers could ride Airwheel X8 together to stroll parks or to go shopping hand in hand. In parks, riding the vehicles to enjoy the sunset would be such a romantic way.

The intelligent self-balancing scooters can have so many fashionable styles. Anyone who wishes to be the most stylish one in cities should have his or her own customized vehicle.

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