Nowadays, people are so striving to earn a living every day that they don’t have their own life. Notwithstanding, there is 35-year-old man named Benedict determined to create his own life, who spends only half a year working and the rest of the year traveling with his bicycle. Actually, anyone can live a free life as he does just with an electric scooter.

Generally, most of the people have to strive to earn a living every day rather than live their own life. In the USA, there is a young man named Benedict who claims that he doesn’t like working and decides to create his own life. Thereby, he spends only half a year working and the remaining time of the year doing what he loves to do with his bicycle. Undoubtedly, his lifestyle is rather enviable. There must be a lot of people eager to create their own life by riding instead of being buried in work and other annoying life stuff. However, w0nborgul since bicycle is a bit large and troublesome which also can’t resist the rain or sun, they may choose another vehicle as a better choice—Airwheel electric scooter.

In terms of convenience, electric scooter is obviously much better than bicycle. Due to its small size and portable feature, the electric scooter can be taken anywhere and easily put away. When riders are camping in the outdoors just like Benedict does, they can put the vehicle inside the camp so that they don’t have to worry about it being stolen. Moreover, since the Airwheel intelligent scooter is much lighter than a bicycle, when the riders would like to stop riding and take a walk, they can carry it in their hands easily or just put it into their bags.

Apart from that, the self-balancing scooter is even safer than bicycle. With the built-in intelligent chip inside the transport, it is able to provide the riders with a series of protective measures like speed limit protection, low battery protection and tilting protection, which ensures the safety of the riders to the greatest extent.

Life is so short that people shall not waste a bit of it. Everyone deserves to create his own life and live as he wishes.

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