19, August 2015: The process of life has ever been ever-evolving or changing. But as time goes by, the passion of lives has been consumed by the prosaic life. But it is up to oneself to seek for the passion. Some obvious things help one awaken routine life, like a wise love or bungee jumping, etc. It is an attitude of life to turn the dull life into something unusual. One may be a good cyclist who has covered long distance and seen beautiful scenery before. And some changes and riding an intelligent self-balancing scooter will regulate one’s life differently because variety is always the spice of life.


Riding an electric self-balancing scooter is different from the usual cycling, one don’t have to consider much about the physical condition. Airwheel has a variety of electric self-balancing scooters: the unicycle scooters, the two-wheel scooters and twin-wheel ones. The Airwheel A3 is a sign of the new concept for transportation. It has a genuine leather seat, a more effortless and comfortable handle to offer easy manipulation. Its fashionable white and orange design gives more colors and free riding experience in one’s detailed and routine life.

Airwheel S3 also has considerable details with its humanity design: the anti-collision design at the back of handlebar has minimized the impact by collisions. Its latest version with water-proof rating allows riders to ride on with no worry about rainy weather or muddy terrains. Besides, the two-wheeled electric scooter displays a dynamic exterior look. Riding on it, one needn’t wait for bus among the crowd and can sense the fresh air early in the morning if he or she rides it to work.


The Airwheel X5 Music is even more interesting with its enchanting music and smart voice prompt. The combination of entertainment and intelligent technology enables riders an unusual riding and makes even the most mundane life fulfilling and interesting.

To create art in the dry and dull life, just try a riding on the Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter!

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