27, August 2015: To some extent, Google Earth has done one great thing for people-offering people the god’s views of the earth. But when people find somewhere no near and fascinating, how could they reach there? Of course people can take cars or buses, but there are still some roads where no cars or buses can reach or run. At that time, Airwheel S5 two-wheeled intelligent scooters are the most suitable vehicles.


Airwheel S5 two-wheeled intelligent scooters are the most powerful model in Airwheel family because of the upgraded motors and battery cores. The motor is upgraded to the 1800 w one which is also extremely energy-saving. Together with the upgraded motor with 680 Wh capacity of electricity, Airwheel S5 have the amazing long range and strong performances conquering all road conditions. Also the small vehicle size makes Airwheel S5 electric scooters capable to be ridden on any roads people can walk while cars can’t, like small mud roads, slopes, park roads and so on. So with Airwheel S5 intelligent scooters, riders are able to travel freely in middle distance travels. And the detachable control shaft makes it possible to store the vehicle in the back of cars. So for long-distance travel, Airwheel S5 can be the vehicles which carry people on the roads where people’s cars are not available.


The combination of Google Earth and S5 intelligent scooters results in the enjoyable city travels. From the Google Earth, people are able to see all the beautiful places from the god’s view. And if one sees the desirable places one wants to go, for middle-distance travel one just needs to take out the S5 intelligent scooters and head out immediately. And for long distance travels the cars and S5 are both the good companions for one. Google Earth and S5 are perfect complementation to each other.

Take god’s view from Google Earth and enjoy the beauties from the mortal view offered by Airwheel S5 intelligent scooters!

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