The world is quite large. Anyone surely wants to ride his intelligent self-balancing scooter to get around on a sunny and brisk day. What a rosy thing. The electric scooter is the obvious choice for a low-carbon and intelligent travelling. As a leading accclly brand of scooter with the cutting-edging tech and the creativity, Airwheel rolled the first sitting-posture self-balancing scooter—Airwheel A3. It stands out against the background of the fierce business competition.

Airwheel Saddle-equipped A3 is not single-minded for novelty, but for change the status quo. The electric self-balancing scooter aims to achieve the accomplishment of a long-distance trip. A short-distance trip cannot test the performance of a scooter. On the contrary, only a long trip can test the range. And when the trip becomes longer, the rider will feel fatigued because of standing for a long time. If he could as sit as ride, it will save her much energy. The sitting-posture mode offers a comfortable riding experience. This time, Airwheel also gave a careful thought to the demands of female, making sure they could sit on the saddle with their feet reaching the ground. Apart from these, Airwheel A3 originally creates the electronic brake system and the hydraulic suspension.

Considering the better customer experience, Airwheel has developed the APP in intelligent electric scooter A3. The user could download the APP online, via which he could wirelessly connect his scooter into his phone to have a look at the speed, left power and riding time. At the same time, the user could adjust the top speed.

The riding experience makes or breaks the popularity of a scooter. It calls for the core tech, innovation and the pursuit of a perfect riding experience. Airwheel A3 came into being against the background.

Mr. Tang
Airwheel electric scooter brand
[email protected]