15, July 2015: The heavy rain brings the delayed sunshine, and the generous nature is super suitable for outing. Look, here comes the Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter team. Someone ask why you are so keen on street skating and crazy about this unicycle? Actually, they do not know the reason is not only love, but also certain attitude towards life. Electric self-balancing scooter has already merged into our daily life, being part of our lives. However, if you insist on the bottom, we could tell you the secrets.


Reason one: Show me, Show fashion

Young people in this new era yearn for new lifestyle, and they want to show themselves. Except for more tour pals and more electric games, however, riding a unicycle is a more fashionable way for us to choose.

Is there anything else that is more fashionable than the high-tech products? Since IWATCH can be a representative of fashion, so do the self-balancing scooter which is equally smart and cool. We show the most fashionable self-images in the most fashionable way.

Reason two: Low-carbon traveling, Being an environmental pioneer

Nurtured by the culture of high education, young people internalize the importance of environment protection. Low-carbon traveling should not just be a slogan, but be everyone’s living criteria. With the electric power purely, this environmentally friendly unicycle will display young people’s green lifestyle better. Though bicycle and electric bicycle are both environmentally friendly, the former will consume much energy and the latter is a big size. Liberating our hands, electric self-balancing scooter helps to shuttle in the crowed freely.


Reason three: Small size, Super portable

Electric self-balancing scooter saves our time and energy to find a parking or to be worried about being stolen. The pretty small size makes it easy for you to catch. Moreover, the Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter is slimmer on the basis of optimization. When arriving at the destination, we can put them into our backpacks and bring them away. It makes traveling easier and life more convenient.

This is why we adore the intelligent self-balancing scooter, this is why we love skating on the street, and this is us, a group of energetic and vibrant young person in this new era.

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