31, July 2015: When it comes to transport, which one do you come up with, bus, subway or electric bike? There is one more portable, eco-friendly and fashionable than all above. That’s Airwheel intelligent scooter. Therefore, let’s take a close look at Airwheel intelligent scooter.

Airwheel Scooters1

The design of Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter is to solve the commuters’’ problem of going on and off duty. A large number of people are only several kilometers away from their companies. If driving to work, they have to take traffic congestion, parking fee and air pollution into consideration. If taking bus or subway, there will always a medium distance between stations and working places. At this time, the appearance of Airwheel intelligent scooter settles the matter. It is your best choice for a medium or short distance travel and can be taken to bus or subway, which makes your trip more convenient.

The most portable

Portability means you don’t need to find a parking lot for it; portability means you could even go anywhere with it in your bag; portability means you could takes it on bus, subway, train or office.

Innovation on operating mode

Airwheel electric scooter has a distinguished and distinctive operating mode, which completely overthrows people’s impression of transports. Airwheel intelligent scooter uses aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm, and gyroscope system to realize self-balance forwards, backwards, turning and stopping. Rider only needs to move forwards or backwards slightly to control it, to speed up or slow down. When you are familiar with your scooter, you could use it to complete many glaring stunts.

Airwheel Scooters2

Airwheel’s new features

Magnetic suspension motor: It is more durable than traditional motor and has lower noise. You can ride it to exhibitions, libraries or somewhere quite.

Sony Li-ion battery: Compared to other batteries, it has longer lifespan, and could be recharged at least 1800 times. It is not flammable and combustible, so ensures users’ safety. The battery provides quick charge, which can be charged up within 90 minutes.

Airwheel intelligent scooter owns higher than other brands of intelligent scooter and is highly praised in the market, because we aim to popularize “low-carbon and eco-friendly going around” notion, so Airwheel ‘s product has high quality, stable functions, safety and reasonable price. It is a brand new lifestyle worthy of promotion.

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