07, July 2015: People who love life all dream of having a cool and fancy enough sports car. Today, I will introduce the latest cross-country luxury supercar-like Airwheel intelligent scooter, which I bought after two days of queuing. At the moment when I picked up the scooter, I felt the queuing was worthy. It is so amazing and splendid; no wonder so many people queue to buy it.

Airwheel Scooter10

The scooter has several series and different styles in each series, but all in avant-garde design in round and oval shapes. The standard edition is in cool black or elegant white, while the luxury edition is with carbon fiber texture in a noble and cool style; in addition, the individual colorful edition is in blue or green, bright light-cold colors customized for petty bourgeois, fresh and artistic young people loving selfie.

The electric scooter is smaller and more exquisite than Smart, with a unique completely open design. Riders can enjoy super-large outdoor space without opening a door, together with wide vision seen from the 720 degrees panoramic “sunroof” and shocking visual impact. Though with no sunroof and consequently no reverse sensor or rearview mirror, users can turn around and check when backing the scooter.

Airwheel Scooters1

With no storage box on the self-balancing scooter, users can select to customize a backpack-style oversized storage box which can even accommodate the scooter. Since the intelligent scooter has an innovative integrated design of pedal-type accelerator, brake and steering, it is not equipped with any steering wheel; but users can customize a pulling control lever of contracted design owing to the concept of users first.

Airwheel intelligent scooter provides an amazing avant-garde experience. The scooter is low-carbon and environmentally friendly with zero emission; the maximum torque requires forwarding of the body as far as possible. It is equipped with mechanical continuously variable transmission, a Tesla motor and high-quality Cheng Shin rubber tire(s). Boasting a strong cross-country performance, it can travel on various kinds of terrains.

Many users may be worried that such a super intelligent and fancy luxury scooter will be less fuel-efficient before purchasing one. In fact, the scooter consumes only a KWh of electricity per 100 kilometers and can travel dozens of kilometers once fully charged. Due to its superior performance, the scooter sells well at home and abroad and is popular among users from different countries. Go ahead if you want one!

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