31, August 2015: So far, intelligent scooter has become an increasingly common transport around the globe. Due to its rapid development, there emerge many intelligent scooters of different brands. However, the application of intelligent scooters has been limited for the traditional standing-posture riding mode. In order to expand the employment of this kind of transport, Airwheel has rolled out the electric scooter A3 that is equipped with sitting-posture riding mode. This innovative product by Airwheel is destined to be the mainstream transport.


Featuring sitting-posture riding mode, Airwheel has mounted a leather-made saddle on the self-balancing scooter A3. The saddle, V-shape and angular, strictly follows the principle of ergonomics, which adds more comfort to the riding experience. Besides, Airwheel has installed adjustable hydraulic suspension under the seat so as to abate the impact and vibration arising during the riding process. Apart from that, Airwheel has extended the range of A3 to 48 km so that riders can travel farther on the vehicle without stopping to have it recharged again. With such a vehicle, riders are free to have a long-distance trip at will. Thus, it is fair to say A3 can break the usage limitation of intelligent scooters and usher the development of this vehicle to a new height.


What’s worth mentioning, A3 is also equipped with a newly developed mobile app by Airwheel. This app is exclusively prepared for A3. Riders can keep track of the real-time data of the vehicle condition via their smart phones after they connect the phones with the vehicle. In this way, riders won’t have to look at the display screen on the vehicle. They can monitor their vehicles and make necessary adjustment while playing with their phones.

Airwheel intelligent scooter A3, with its groundbreaking refinements like saddles and mobiles apps, is bound to become the mainstream transport in the world.

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