19, August 2015: The launch of the first Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter has relieved the anxiety about the worsening environment in the automotive world. Its top R&D team strive for the better riding experience for various riders. Airwheel A3 is an e-bike embodied the new riding concept with its intelligent chip, maglev motor, Samsung battery, safety protection, branded tyre and the stylish exterior. Besides, its v-shape sleek saddle based on the ergonomic principle provides a more comfortable ride than the traditional standing wheeler does.


Created to be different, Airwheel Q6, the twin-wheeled electric scooter has become the center of attention wherever it goes. It has the world's first kickstand allowing riders to stop whenever they want and avoiding collision when one stops as well. Its cushion pad is sleek, colorful and practical enough to protect riders’ legs. Premium quality and texture crafted with special technique make it stand out of the traditional vehicles. It can be easily folded and taken into the subway, office and school to facilitate daily transportation with the 14 inch size tire, the 11.1 kg or 11.9kg weight. As for its exterior, three colors are available for users: red, green and blue, all of which are eye-catching colors. It is exclusively for those who requires high tastes and quality.


Airwheel X5 Music and X6 Music are intended for those who love both music and outdoor activities. The two intelligent self-balancing unicycles differ from other electric scooters in their built-in music player, the hi-fi sound quality, stereo sound and smart voice prompt. Both wake up the riders’ passion for life and give them the youthful air again. Lost in the enchanting music and the relaxing riding, one may have good moods and high spirits for routine life and work.

Airwheel always want to give consumers the very best, however the very excellence needs unrelenting polishing and innovation. In the near future, Airwheel will bring lots of surprises for riders. And stick to Airwheel scooters, one will keep a green, simple, fashionable and perfecting lifestyle.

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