19, October 2015: Since Airwheel called its first new product conference on 18 June this year, it is nearly 3 months. During the interval of 3 month, the public and numerous scooter-lovers were impatient to wait for the next new product conference. To their excitement, Airwheel convened its second new product conference on 29 Sept. this year. The new product conference held at the end of last month was a great deal meaningful. It released a lot of new products. They included the orbit electric unicycle F3, the motorized skateboard M3, the sitting posture self-balancing scooter S6 and the two wheel self-balancing electric scooter Z3. Amongst these models, the motorized skateboard M3 is fairly representative of this new product conference.


Take for example the previous Airwheel electric scooter like the single-wheeled electric scooters, the two-wheeled scooters and the twin-wheeled intelligent scooters. They are completely created by Airwheel with no borrowing. Any element of those models is novel and nowhere to be found in the daily life. Therefore they show a fresh and novel air to the public and the scooter-lovers. The newly released wireless remote control skateboard M3 is the opposition. When the public and the scooter-lovers see it, it has never given a strange impression on them. The exterior structure and way to steer it are familiar to them. The traditional skateboard is used widely by the young. It is symbolic of youth and energy.


Seen from the Airwheel electric skateboard M3, it is easy to identify the mixture of traditional and modern technology. Airwheel M3 adopts the traditional way to manipulate—the rider uses one of his legs to drive the skateboard to go forward. At the same time, Airwheel introduced the battery group to the new skateboard. That way, the newly released electric skateboard M3 dispenses with the physical force to power the skateboard. In addition, the technology of connecting to the mobile phone is brought in M3. Thereby the rider could control the M3 via mobile phone.

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