19, October 2015: Andrew was a silent boy and he was not good at sports. When his classmates were keen to play skateboards, he has no interest in it. So he didn’t have many friends in school and felt so lonely. However, after he owned an Airwheel maple electric skateboard M3, everything was changed. Accompanied by Airwheel M3, Andrew had a wonderful youth time in his life.


Why is skateboarding so popular among young people? It is the origin of extreme sports. For boys, skateboards are their best playmates in school. They are addicted to practicing skateboarding skills, such as the aerial, the invert, the ollie. Teenagers always think that if someone can play skateboards well, he is a tough guy. However, Andrew was not athletic from the childhood. He couldn’t play skateboards well, so his classmates were not willing to be with him. One day, Andrew’s mother went to his school to see him.

She found Andrew was sitting in the classroom alone and the classmates were playing skateboards outside. On her way home, she went to a shopping mall. The clerk recommended her to buy an Airwheel wireless remote control skateboard M3. Owing to the intelligence, it is so easy for users to learn sliding on M3. At last, Andrew mother bought a M3 and sent it to Andrew. Andrew tried to stand on the skateboard, and turned on the wireless remote control. He was surfing on the land freely. He felt so cheerfulness.


The next day Andrew went to school with his Airwheel maple electric skateboard M3. His classmates were all interested in the new thing, and kept asking him to let them play M3 for a while. Andrew had gradually become the center of the attention. He had many playmates later. Thanks to Airwheel M3, Andrew’s youth time was colorful and wonderful.

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