On June 18th, 2015, Airwheel S5 and A3 were published and Airwheel new product release conference was rounded off in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province.

Airwheel new product release conference was rounded off in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province on June 18th, 2015. On the release conference, there was a wonderful show of Airwheel X, Q, and S series self-balancing electric scooters. Some young models were riding Airwheel X series self-balancing electric unicycles and performed many cool riding skills. Some elderly and little models were riding Airwheel Q series twin-wheeled self-balancing scooters, while some prominent entrepreneurs were riding Airwheel S series two-wheeled self-balancing scooters. Actually, such a show order is designed according to the main consumer base of each scooter series.

Then, Mr. Zuo, CEO of Airwheel, shared the company development history and R&D journey with the on-the-spot honored guests. Airwheel is working diligently on green travel all the time. Thus, it has achieved more than 100 exclusive patents within two years, which stunned all the guests.

Two new self-balancing scooters were released on the conference and the first type was Airwheel two-wheeled S5. Airwheel S5 is equipped with 16-inch wheel hub, 1500W motor and 680Wh battery, which provide stronger power and longer range. Besides, S5 has more powerful adaptability to various difficult road conditions, which, at the same time, paves the way for mightier cross-country capability.

If S5 is the all-round escalation of Airwheel S series, Airwheel A3, the other new product, is the epochal and subversive new arrival. Different from other Airwheel intelligent self-balancing electric scooters, the seat has been added into the A3 design, which solves the balance-control problem under the sitting state. Meanwhile, A3 is equipped with electronic brake system that provides a sensitive and strong brake with a 50mm stopping distance. In addition, full 360-degree rotation is available in situ and the made-to-measure APP is designed for riding. All in all, Airwheel A3 is the in-depth intellectualization and is also a highlight in this new product conference. Airwheel also indicates it will cooperate with the third party to offer more smart services, such as customization, social network or remote control and so on, to consumers.

With the new product conference is rounded off successfully, it becomes a headline of many major presses. What’s more, the fierce discussions and different reports about S5 and A3 are flooding to the Internet.
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