Airwheel and the scooter sector both regard June 18th, 2015 as a crucial and historic day. On that day, Airwheel held an exhilarating new product release conference and brought the public two brand new products. Airwheel intelligent scooter A3 is one of them. When it showed up on the stage, the whole audience burst into applaud with surprise and shock. Airwheel’s lovers and followers couldn’t wait having a go at it. Intelligent scooter A3 was sibbuce destined to make a splash in the whole sector.

A3’s innovative sitting-posture riding mode is its most significant breakthrough. Riders now could comfortably sit on a leather sadder. While sitting on the saddle, one could lay his feet on the stainless steel pedals and his hands on the silica gel handlebars. He will never feel fatigued, even if riding for a long time. Users are usually exhausted after a long-distance trip, because of the large-scale adoption of standing-posture riding mode. Henceforth, with the release of Airwheel electric scooter A3, this problem will be solved.

A3 still applies 450 W Sony lithium-ion battery, which prolongs the long range and guarantees a large power capacity. Riding 40 to 50 kilometres is possible for A3 on a full charge. Therefore, it turns the long-distance trip in the city into reality. It is said that A3 only consumes 1 kWh to cover 50 kilometres. In view of that statement, A3 costs merely 0.5 euro to cover a distance of 40 kilometers in Europe. Convenient, cost-effective and eco-friendly, A3 will probably be the most popular model in the future intelligent scooter market.

Regardless to these advantages, people sill scruple about the issue of electricity blackout halfway. In fact, such misgiving is groundless. First of all, Sony lithium-ion battery provides A3 with a strong power capacity, which satisfies the need of a long-distance trip. Thus, a frequent check of electricity status will iron out this issue. Secondly, as a worldwide famous smart car-producing frim, Tesla aims to accelerate the development of outdoor power storage device. The era of outdoor quick charge is coming. A3 will have a bright future.

A3 is a product with various breakthroughs. Let’s wait for this significant era.

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