14, July 2015: Traffic jam causes many troubles to people’s daily life for a long time. The ever-increasing degree of urbanization expands the territory of cities and increases the density of city population. The sharp contradictory of transportation demand and traffic supply directly leads to the traffic jam in rush hours. Large quantity of tail gas that cars let out also brings the problem of air pollution. What can we do to solve these problems?

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Should we stop the urbanization and decentralize the population? Of course not! Although the urbanization brings a series of problems, it also boots the development of society, economy and standard of living. To stop or slow down the progress of urbanization is a way that can only cure the symptom but fail to solve the problem. What we can do is to improve the transport way and adjust the motive power of our transports. And the most practicable new motive power is electric power. Nowadays, electric self-balancing scooter that uses clean energy attracts many attentions. But most of them are too expensive for common salariats. But in recent years, the occurrence rate of electric self-balancing scooter is getting higher and higher. According to the data survey, most of them are Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter. The reason why Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter is so popular is that it has affordable price but good quality.

Every Airwheel electric unicycle uses high quality accessories like Sony lithium battery imported from Japan and the famous Cheng Shin tire. The high quality and low price greatly improve the cost performance.

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What’s more, Airwheel uses high-performance magnesium alloy to make the unicycle body. Magnesium alloy is a low-carbon green material. The light weight of it reduces the weight of the whole unicycle, making the electric unicycle easy to carry. Aside from that, the strength of magnesium alloy allows it to stand strong collision, high temperature and corrosion. Actually, this material is also be used in car industry and spaceflight industry. So never underestimate Airwheel electric unicycle. Airwheel always pursues the best quality and technology of electric unicycle.

With high technology and good humanistic conception, Airwheel electric scooter is the best solution to the traffic jam problem. If there are more people choose Airwheel electric scooter, the low-carbon transports will be a new trend. People will pay more attention to solving the problem of traffic jam and environment pollution.

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