20, August 2015: For teens who age 13 to 19, curiosity is one of their driving factors to do things. These people have strong curiosities for trying and learning new things, most importantly will not be disturbed by the outside world like adults. Teens can be seen riding electric self-balancing scooters almost here and there, like the shopping plaza, campus or streets. The younger ones riding on the intelligent scooters are filled with vigor and vitality, full of fashion and fresh ideas. And that certainly has become a beautiful view.


Airwheel R&D team are also filled with dynamic people with fresh ideas, rich experience and flourishing energy, leading to the intelligent electric unicycle X5 Music for the younger ones and who want to be in youth again. It has a much more fantastic performance for the younger riders: it has tuned the riding with hi-fi sound quality and let the riding full of enchanting music. All this makes the journey a different experience from the common one.

First, the one-wheeled electric scooter X5 Music is challenging for it has only one wheel, it needs a little more time to practice riding compared with the two-wheeled ones. But meanwhile it allows riders to have different movements and riding skills. For the most part, teens would like to try new things, flourishing curiosity against the odds and more time to practice than adults.


But it does not mean there are the hidden hazards in it. Its tilting protection will activate once the scooter tilts to over 45° sideways; it also sets a maximum speed to control the riding speed and prevent injuries; the low battery protection and warning are there to inform riders of the power level and prevent riders from suffering the sudden power loss or falling over. So there is no need to worry about safety.

For teens who is fond of fresh riding experience, enchanting music and trendy things, Airwheel X5 Music will bring greater fun than one has ever expected.

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