01, October 2015: It is known to all that young people are prone to falling for new things that are interesting and fashionable. Recently, Airwheel electric scooter has quietly brought a wave among them. This is a high-tech self-balancing vehicle that is designed in the principle of gyroscope system. It can detect the change of gravity center via the built-in intelligent chip and make according order to enable the vehicle to move or stop. Since the vehicle is highly intelligent as well as small and portable, it has won the favors of many young city dwellers.


Now, whether it is in the park or on the square, pedestrians can always catch sight of young people riding an Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter and doing various stunts. Some of them can even dance while riding the transport. As for those who are quite skilled at the vehicle, they can ride with only one leg and appear just like a swan, which looks so awesome. Without any doubt, the riders would definitely draw the public attention and become the spotlight. And young people just love the feeling so much.

Actually, Airwheel scooter electric is more than a vehicle for playing cool. It is also a practical transport for daily travelling. Based on the principle of conciseness and simplicity, it is only as big as a suitcase. Small as it is, it is able to bear the weight of up to 120 kg and go across whatever terrains it may encounter. No matter how rugged the road is, Airwheel electric unicycle will never let the riders down. Apart from that, due to the constant refinements of Airwheel, the vehicle is now able to go down stairs steadily in a safe manner.


It is fair to say Airwheel intelligent scooter has provided unlimited possibilities for the fun of riding and enriched the practicality of transports. On that account, it is no wonder that such a vehicle would be so popular among young people.

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