13, August 2015:

The first superstar: S-series for the old people


Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter, to some extent, helps solve the issue of energy consuming for the elderly, whose bodyis not as healthy and strong as that of the young people. While going out, the physical strength becomes a great difficulty for them. Fortunately, with Airwheel S-series, they are able to go outside and enjoy themselves to the full without consuming too much strength.

The smart self-balancingscooter is driven by electric energy. Besides, the two-wheeled structure was a significant breakthrough, which makes it stronger and more stable. Moving the body slightly forward and back, they can realize the operation of advancing, acceleration, and deceleration and braking crane, and so on. The balance of left and right is similar to the bike, and can be achieved by relying on body twisting. It's a means of transportation which simplifies human body's movements, which is controlled just by moving the center of gravityslightly. The elder is able to operate easily.

The second superstar: Q-series

The typical character of Q-series is the twin-wheeled and as a result of that, Q-series enjoys an excellent balance and convenience. Middle aged in the family, will be in-to it. Moreover, they will be at ease because Q-series has proved to be pretty safe due to several strict tests. Airwheel Q-series indeed deliver better balance and solid performance.

The third superstar: X-series


X-series is the oldest member in Airwheel electric self-balancing unicycle family; however, X-series has never been shamed by its upgrades and insists on its single-wheeled character, which one is also regard as the most difficult one to manifest. The young, even the teenager in one family are the ideal customer for its innovative and fashionable style. Actually, the operation of X-series is not as difficult as expected. With some practice and learning skills, they can operate it easily.

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