19, October 2015: On 29 Sept. 2015, Airwheel called a new product conference once again. This year, it had convened two new product conference. In this new product conference, a novel new product came to the public, that is, the annular electric scooter F3. This model is familiar to the public and at the same time unfamiliar to them.


The one electric scooter F3 adopts the single-wheeled structure. The single-wheeled structure is a big help to ensure the ability to be nimble when the rider steers F3. The single-wheeled scooter is famous for its agility. Especially when it need turn, it can swiftly and quickly turn a corner. Therefore, some highly skilled players like it very much. They usually ride it in the streets and in the squares in the parks. Their amazing wheelie, more often than not, attract a host of pedestrians.

Like other models of the single-wheeled scooter such as Airwheel X3 and X8, Airwheel F3 gives rise to the hardship of use because of its agility. The agility serves as a two-bladed sabre, bringing about advantages as well as disadvantages. Some beginners shrink from the single-wheeled scooter. It takes a beginner of electric self-balancing scooter some time to steer electric unicycle smoothly and expertly. However, it has never dented its allure in the eyes of the veteran players. They increasingly swoon over the single-wheeled electric scooter.


Different from the previous models of electric unicycle, say, X8, Airwheel F3 is lighter and thinner. Airwheel annular electric scooter F3 uses the annular design. The annular design makes F3 convenient to bring and easier to lift. It gets the 170 Wh battery in it, which offers a long range of 40 km and a top speed of 17 km/h. What's more, F3 can be controlled on the mobile phone via APP. The function of A3 is introduced to Airwheel F3. This goes to say that the new technology is being adopted in a wide way.

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