04, August 2015: Airwheel has recently released its new two-wheeled electric scooter S3. As a groundbreaking way to commute, the intelligent scooter S3 integrates Airwheel’s top technologies, like the leading high-pressure magnesium alloy casting technique, dual wireless speakers with hi-fi sound quality, dual intelligent balancing chips, aviation aluminum materials and others. These cutting-edge technologies guarantee S3’s supreme performance.


Of these technologies the intelligent CPU is most fascinating. The intelligent CPU can monitor real-time data. Its nimble response time is 0.03second and its power consumption per 100 miles is 2.8. It gives S3 the remote control function and the controlling distance can reach as far as between 20-30 meters. With the help of the intelligent CPU, S3, an electric self-balancing scooter, is not just an intelligent transporter, but also a way of eco-friendly life style. With Airwheel S3 two-wheeled scooter, you are free to go around the town for shopping, dinner, a tour, or a visit to your friend’s. You can wave goodbye to traffic jam and enjoy your melodious commute.


Here are some parameters and details of two-wheeled scooter S3. Its bodywork weight is 22.4kg, max speed is about 18km/h and speed alert will activate at 12km/h. Its max range is between 15 and 65 km, but it may vary with rider’s weight, road condition and temperature. It could climb at the max angle of about 15, and up to 18 when riders weigh 60 kg. S3 has a battery capacity of 520wh and protection board with SOC equalization. It could work at the temperature of -10 to 40 and gives best performance at 10 to 30. S3 could carry a load up to 120kg, so you don’t have to worry that it may break down because of rider’s weight. And it only takes 3 hours to get fully charged. So don’t worry it is not ready when you have to go out.

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