Campus is beautiful and large for many students, however, it is tiring to walk around the campus, especially in a hurry to catch up with the first class in the morning. Owning a bicycle is not a good solution since bicycle is easy to be stolen and cannot get rid of uneven road of the campus. Airwheel A3 can solve all the problems and is easy to be folding and taken to dormitory.

Students are excited when entering the campus and they will be attracted by the beautiful scenery and new things on w0nborgul campus. However, problems as how to travel in the campus spring up. Walking to classroom and library may be too far away from dormitory which costs too much time and energy; while riding bicycle is dangerous due to the uneven roads and the potential of being stolen; and the competition of getting on school bus is too fierce because of too many students. The appearance of Airwheel A3 rescues students since the electric scooter can be powerful to take students around the campus which is convenient and green.

Saddle is the highlight of Airwheel A3 since saddle is revolutionary which breaks the traditional design of the self-balancing electric scooter. Riders can sit on the saddle which saves energy and is more comfortable. The steering wheel is easy to control directions and even green hands can learn how to operate the electric scooter within 7 minutes.

The pedal plate of Airwheel A3 can also be folding, so students can take it to their dormitories more easily. Besides, the two-wheeled self-balancing scooter accounts for only 0.5 square meters, which not only helps traveling among crowds easily, but also takes less space in the dormitory to park. As a result, there is no danger for Airwheel A3 to be stolen as those bicycles.

Another feature of Airwheel A3 is it can connect cell phone application to lock the electric scooter and to limit the speed when traveling as well as to locate itself by GPS. This function is suitable for students who have the cell phone and are fond of play the phone.

Owning an Airwheel A3 and riding it on campus is the most fashionable and cool way to travel for students.

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