14, December 2015: Going to the countryside to enjoy themselves in the nature is the wish of many urbanites. It is easy to say but hard to put into practice. They have to consider many factors. First of all, they have to consider which transports to take. They need a transport that can be rode on the grass, forest or other field roads so that they can get in touch with nature.

What’s more, that transport should also be small and portable enough to put in the trunk conveniently. Finally, they need the transport to be energy saving. The leading brand of electric scooter- Airwheel recently has launched its latest product Airwheel sitting posture self-balancing scooter S6, which can perfectly satisfy their needs. Airwheel electric scooter S6 is the next outdoor electric scooter legend and makes your outdoor time more relax and comfortable.

As the latest electric scooter of Airwheel, Airwheel saddle-equipped electric scooter S6 is equipped with saddle. This design allows riders to ride it in standing posture as well as sitting posture. It saves many energies and a lot labor of riders, which allows riders to go for a longer distance and see more beautiful sceneries. What’s more, the saddle is made of ventilate materials. Therefore, it is very comfortable to sit on it. Also, the height of the saddle is adjustable. Riders can adjust it according to their statures. All these designs give riders a better riding experience.


Airwheel mini self-balancing scooter S6 is suitable for riding in outdoors because it is equipped with anti-shock decompression tires, made of natural rubber with concave-convex texture on it. Even riders ride it in bumpy roads; they can still feel stable and safe.

With the outstanding performance, Airwheel intelligent electric walkcar S6 will become the legend of outdoor electric scooter.

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