26, December 2015: Recently an accident of electric scooter explosion happened in the overseas market. The whole electric scooter burnt up because of quality issue. When the owner charged up his electric scooter, the scooter got burning and at last it burnt the whole house. This a shocking accident caused a massive loss of economy. Fortunately, there is no one getting hurt. However, this abysmal accident raised the public concerns about the safety and quality issue of intelligent self-balancing scooter, which casted the question into the whole sector of scooter.


The sector of scooter took shape in the year of 2013. For now the sector is robust and still on a rise. The large temptation of benefit and interest allures many people to manufacture electric self-balancing scooters. Meanwhile, a host of small businesses popped up overnight. Those intelligent self-balancing scooters made in these plants are substandard for the most part. The low price makes the buyer under the impression that they are more economical, not knowing that these unprincipled manufacturers fabricate those scooters at a low cost at the expense of quality. This explains why the tragedy happened.

In the current market for scooter, there are some famous scooter-makers, such as Airwheel and Solowheel. These scooter-makers like Airwheel gain their fame and popularity by their reliable quality and high performance. Typically their price is higher because of the high-quality material applied in production. The high-quality materials is the precondition of fun from riding the intelligent self-balancing scooter.


The fun for riding cannot go without the safety. Therefore, when purchasing the intelligent self-balancing scooter, it is not at all wise to treat the price as the single consideration. The low price normally implies the poor quality. The premium products often bring a more carefree ride to the rider and are so reliable that the rider need not be concerned about the safety issue. Unfortunately, this accident has an implication for the whole sector more or less. Also, this accident posed a quality challenge to such famous makers as Airwheel.

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