12, December 2015: A way of travel decides the life quality of a day. The way of travel seems to be a trifle, but actually it largely affects people’s mood and efficiency. The importance of travel way is more obvious in cities because the problems of traffic jam and parking is more prominent in cities. Therefore, people should choose a right travel way. Airwheel sitting posture self-balancing scooter S6 space-saving, quiet and comfortable, makes the life of city people more colorful.


In cities, the density of population is so high. And with the developing of economy, more and more people are able to buy a car. Therefore, the parking space in cities is scarce. People have to pay high price to rent a parking space. But if they choose Airwheel saddle-equipped electric walkcar S6 as their transportation, they don’t have to worry about the parking problem anymore. Airwheel saddle-equipped electric scooter S6 is space-saving, which only takes the space of 0.25 square meters. This is even smaller than a floor board. People can bring it into their office and home in a corner. What’s more, as Airwheel Airwheel saddle-equipped electric scooter S6 is quiet and never makes noise. People can ride it in indoor areas, which removes the trouble of parking for riders.


Airwheel mini self-balancing scooter S6 has another advantage that it has two riding postures. It is equipped with an adjustable saddle. Therefore, riders can both stand to ride it and sit to ride it. In order to improve the comfort level of S6, the control bar of S6 is adjustable. The height adjustment ranges from 1.5m to 2.1m, which assures it is suitable for most of riders.

Transport is one of the most important parts in people’s daily life. Airwheel sitting posture self-balancing scooter S6 brings convenience and comfort to people life.

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