27, October 2016: Airwheel electric scooter dispels people’s worry about the traffic jam during commuting. Plus it makes a good contribution into the cause of protecting environment in the city. It would be wise to purchase it. Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooter is the mainstream way to travel.

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Environmental protection, low carbon and energy conservation play key roles in protecting the living environment. Now, all countries in the world make joint efforts to realize such a goal and Italy is no exception. Based on high quality, Airwheel, the leader brand of intelligent mini electric scooter, has gained excellent praises in global transport market.

Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooters, based on high quality, have gained excellent praises in intelligent transport market. Airwheel electric scooters enjoy perfect environmentally-friendly capability. The purpose of protecting environment is to provide better life quality to people. Many developed countries pay special attention to noise control. When it comes to transport, it must be noise-free. It is demanding, but Airwheel made it because of adopted maglev motor.


Don’t worry about traffic congestion or exhaustion, because you have Airwheel, which can give you a much freer, cozier and more relaxed travel. The city traffic jam leaves no trouble to Airwheel riders, so they have more time to rest; or they ride Airwheel for an afternoon ride along the city river. In addition, Airwheel, as a brand new vehicle in today’s society, is also a good way of having exercises. The state of Airwheel electric scooters is controlled by body state. For instance, if you lean forward, the scooter will speed up. If you lean backward, it will start to brake. Therefore, riding Airwheel regularly is good to improve heart-lung endurance and exercise your body as well as the flexibility of arms and legs.


It is widely acknowledged that exercise is good for physical and mental health. Doing exercise promotes cardio pulmonary function and prevents coronary heart disease. Proper exercise can consume calorie, stretch the body and mind, eliminate the mental pressure, and make a person more flexible. Riding Airwheel electric folding bike can achieve the same effect.


Blue sky and white cloud can’t appear only after thunderstorm and they should belong to us every day. It needs everyone’s effort to change the current environmental situation. Join the mainstream way to travel with Airwheel mini electric scooter.

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