07, June 2016: Airwheel has won much praises from users all over the world. Its users are all around the world now. As the world leading manufacturer of intelligent self-balancing scooter, Airwheel never ceases to innovating new technology and new products. Adhering to its core value of “free, fun and efficient”, Airwheel weeds through the old to create the new.

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In only three years, Airwheel made a series of achievements from continuous innovation and hard working. Airwheel has a wide range of intelligent scooters or skateboards, so similarly it has wide-ranging users. Each takes what he or she needs. For instance, S series and Z series electric scooters better suit for office workers. And Airwheel spent much energy on these two major series.


S series can be called the biggest family in Airwheel, including S3, S5, S6 and the new arrivals S8 and S9 unveiled in the beginning of 2016. As the first self-balancing scooter, S3 2-wheeled intelligent self-balancing scooter can be controlled by body balancing ability. Through the control shaft, it can be driven by leaning forward, backward. Therefore Airwheel started the brand new self-balancing mode. S5 is specially positioned as the personal exclusive SUV transport, which is also known as the wildest model by Airwheel. S6 firstly creates the two-mode riding postures by altering the traditional two axes gyroscopes into three axes gyroscopes with four directions. While this year Airwheel also has a big step in S series, S8 electric walkcar which is largely promoted both in profile (streamlined design) and performance (10-inch tubeless tyres).


As for the evolvement of Z series, it is also remarkable. Z3 is the pioneer that adopts the anterior standing posture. Along with the triple folding system, Z3 can be easily taken into public transport vehicle. The new member Z5 standing up electric scooter has the function of charging phones through the USB interface located at the battery package.

Airwheel will keep moving!

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