08, July 2015: Nowadays, self-balancing scooters are brought to the stage and attract an increasing number of people. Many have tried riding this brand-new way of transportation to commute and exercise, while a majority of people are naturally riding the fence. Today, we will introduce "X" series self-balancing unicycle, the single-wheel Titans of Airwheel.

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Airwheel X3 is the first self-balancing unicycle developed and produced by Airwheel and has received great praise for its superior workmanship, quality and cost performance since it was launched. Airwheel X3 weighs 9.8kg and is featured with its small size and portability, with the maximum carrying capacity being 120kg. It can perfectly meet short-haul travelling demands in daily life and, by replacing walking, contribute to faster and more efficient travelling.

Airwheel X5 can be regarded as upgraded X3. With the same color combination as X3, it is slightly adjusted in appearance. Since Airwheel X5 has a pedal with its angle of inclination 2 degrees less than X3, which means more parallel to the ground and more fitted into standing postures, riders may be more comfortable. Airwheel X5 is equipped with a 132Wh SONY lithium battery, supporting a driving rang of up to 25km.

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Besides, Airwheel X5 single-wheel electric scooter inherits the tradition of Airwheel as always to have a quiet magnetic suspension motor, so that riders are assured to enjoy a silent and elegant ride. Presumably no one is willing to ride noisily around because noise not only disturbs passers-by, but also adversely influences riders themselves, both physically and psychologically.

Airwheel X8 is the only 16-inch large-wheel scooter of Airwheel currently. In consideration of its large wheel, X8 is designed with wide and flat bodywork to increase amenity. High-quality Cheng Shin tire, shortens braking distance as it has wider contact surface, with a grip 3.8 times as much as common ones.The single-wheel design allow X8 to be more agile and stable, and more suitable for parkour fans. Airwheel X8 is therefore honored as Off-road King and is believed to be able to meet all your demands.

Regardless of technological upgrading, model replacement or product updates, each self-balancing scooter model of Airwheel is commendable in details. From motor selection to assembly of each component, strict control is exercised over the manufacture and technology so as to ensure quality of each product to be sold and riding experience and safety coefficient of consumers. We hope riders can have a pleasant and interesting ride.

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