11, July 2015: Since the self-balancing scooter came into the market, it has been under spotlight. More and more people choose to commute through this way. And there is still someone who is waiting and hesitating. Let me introduce the powerful X series to make you no more hesitate.

Airwheel X3 1

X3 is the first self-balancing scooter developed by Airwheel. Once the scooter was launched to the market, the high quality, delicate craft of the scooter and the price ratio all make the scooter got many oral praise in the market. The scooter has a weight of 9.8kg, which is small and portable. The scooter can bear a weight of 120kg to perform the duty of commute tool and short distance travel. No more walking by foot and more efficiency.

Airwheel X5 electric scooter can be called an upgrade version of the X3, but in similar color and adjustable appearance. The angle of inclination of the standing board is 2 degree less than the X3 scooter, which makes the standing board more near to the ground and fit for the standing pose of the rider. This can make the rider feel comfortable in the riding. Besides, the X5 are equipped with the SONY lithium battery which has the capacity of 132kwh. The battery can ensure a range of 25km.

Airwheel X5 1

Certainly, Airwheel X5 electric unicycle follows the traditional design of quiet magnetic levitation motor which can make sure that there is no more noise. It is certain that no one want to ride the noisy scooter around. You can ignore the feeling of the pass-by, but you must think for yourself for that long term of noise may influence your health and even cause mental harm.

Airwheel X8 is the very only one scooter which has a 16inches huge wheel-hub. In order to match the huge wheel-hub, the scooter has the flat body design. This design can make the riding comfortable. The tyres of X8 are from ChengShin Rubber, which has a wider touch area and the stronger road holding performance that is 3.8 times of the ordinary ones. These can make the scooter has a better brake performance. Besides, the unicycle design of X8 can make it swifter and can deal with various kinds of stunts for the parkour lovers. And the scooter is also has the famous name of wild king, and can fit for all your desires in the city movement.

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