27, August 2015: The X series single-wheel intelligent unicycle is a classic scooter product line of the famous brand of Airwheel. The intelligent electric scooter is overturning people’s daily commute. In a long time before, people have to take a bus or subway to go to work or school. Some people may afford a private car and use it every morning and evening. Whether it’s mass transportation or private trip, it’s causing people a lot of trouble.

Airwheel Scooter2

The bus or subway is always crowded during rush hours. If it’s hot summer, people also have to suffer the stuffiness in the air-conditioned compartment or high temperature and sweat in an unsealed car. If people use their own car, they have to deal with the parking problem and traffic congestion. People have to find a temporary park site if it’s an unplanned trip which is not an easy job in a crowded city. Or too many cars often make the road jammed and drivers have to waste too much time on the trip.

Airwheel Scooter1

Airwheel is committed to helping to solve this annoying problem. Its innovative intelligent unicycle is based on a simple wheel, but with modern energy technology to provide running power. It as simple as a tire of a traditional car. But the rider can stand on the pedals of each side to drive it. It uses aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to stay balanced. The rider can just slightly lean forward and backward or tile to the right and left to keep standing on it without falling over. Once get the hang of it, the electric scooter becomes people’s most powerful weapon for short and medium distance trip.

X intelligent electric unicycle is a stunning breakthrough for daily commute with its distinctive look and high-end essence. It’s both fun and useful.

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