23, December 2015: Everyone has his or her own wishes and all the wishes are around happiness and better lives. They hope they could earn happiness by their hands. Airwheel Z3 gently reminds each good guy that keep your thoughts on a high and positive level regardless of how much trouble you are having in life. Z3 guides you to discard the old and bring the new.


Since establishment, Airwheel Technology has been researching and developingpremium products, while Z3 will also give the most comfortable riding experience. We are very delighted to share with you about this Airwheel product, Z3.

If you have strict requirements for the endurance of daily vehicles, Z3 will be the best one to go outside. With the special design of pluggable battery, Z3 two-wheel self-balancing electric scooter can be easily replaced with full power batter within only few seconds. 2016 will be a successful year with riding Z3, a scooter of continuous power support.


Do you still mind for the riding posture of previous scooter? They feel exhausted and uncomfortable for the overlapping standing posture after long riding. Therefore, Airwheel technical group designs the pedals to be foldable. The unfolded pedals have enough space for standing by foot in parallel. And considering the different statures of users, the operating rod of Z3 electric scooter is designed to be adjustable. Users can adjust it to the position that they feel comfortable during riding.

The coming year will be also an intelligent year. APP in mobile phone and the inside Bluetooth of Z3 intelligent electric scooter are the request of intelligent era. Riders can interact with their loved scooters, such as the real-time speed, total miles, power usage or tracking records etc. At the same time, Z3 can do the simple trouble-shooting and test.

A good beginning of New Year will start from riding Airwheel Z3. May you all a peace and prospect year.

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