16, June 2016: In order to solve the daily commuting, Matthew has tried a variety of methods, which prove to be fruitless. His biggest bugbear was the dreadful traffic jam. Considering his interest of skateboarding, his close friend recommends him an electric skateboard, named Airwheel M3. Fortunately, the serious situation has gone away since he rides Airwheel M3 wireless remote control hoverboard.

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On his way to work, the traffic is seriously crowded. The traffic jam would hold up him so that he was always late for work. Just because of his frequent lateness, his promotion is seriously affected.

Today is very different. He does not rush to his private car and instead he chooses the M3. As far as Matthew concerned, Airwheel M3 motorized skateboard, duringthe initial design stage, is to be designed as easier to learn, and as fast as possible.


So a remote control and a motor drive are added to Airwheel M3. Powered by the battery, riding Airwheel M3 does not need the leg to drive it forward. As a result, the ride is quite effortless. Moreover, M3 is very small and compact. One could toss it aside at home and take it at once. Therefore, there is no problem for anyone to carry it into the lift.


Other than that, the front and rear wheels have been equipped with TPU material damper mass to ride more smoothly. You can easily control everything and make life become active by giving full paly to your innovation thanks to the modular design of sticker, board, and even the battery as well as the 2.4G remote control. In addition, Airwheel M3 electric skateboard adopts the design of double circuits and double main control chips. That is, even a single module has problem, the whole system can work normally and efficiently, because they are working independently. There is no need for Matthew to worry about blackout in the halfway.

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