Aleeza Khan plans an alternate career?


Aleeza Khan who has charmed viewers and got noticed with her excellent acting, can easily hang up boots as there is something else she is good at besides acting. With her current role in Sahara One’s Jhilmil Sitaaron Ka Aangan Hoga as Angana, she can easily replace her dialogue sheets with recipes, heavy show costumes with an apron, use a generous dose of drama and suspense as ingredients to cook up a storm in the kitchen. And we kid you not; the end result will always be an excellent gourmet dish that you can treat your taste buds with.


Giving testimony to her cooking abilities are none other than her colleagues of Jhilmil Sitaaron Ka Aangan Hoga. More often than not, the star casts readily agree to be her guinea pig, as they are assured of a something real appetizing.


Recently this beautiful and charismatic actress treated everyone with one of her favorite dish — Veg. Paneer Biryani. At first everyone was skeptical of trying her biryani, but one spoon and they all were sold. Interestingly, each member of the crew including the spot boys to cameraperson, producers to the actors, relished her lip-smacking biryani and were more than happy to give show set’s boring and dull lunch a skip. In fact they pleaded to repeat the lunch for them once again the following week. 


“I love cooking and it acts therapeutic to me. Besides acting, cooking is one thing that comes natural to me. If not an actor I would have been a chef. One day I saw the entire cast of Jhilmil whine about the uninteresting lunch being served on-set, that’s when I decided to treat them with something interesting. The next day I cooked Veg. Paneer Biryani and personally served it to everyone. I was pleased with the appreciation showered upon me. Considering the entire unit prefer vegetarian delicacies I opted for this dish over my personal favorite Chicken Korma Biryani.” says Aleeza Khan aka Angana of Sahara One’s Jhilmil Sitaaron Ka Aangan Hoga.


With her terrific cooking skills she can easily pass as a professional chef. But knowing her popularity with the viewers we do not recommend her to opt for an alternate career. We love her as an actor and would like to see her to create greater waves in the acting scenario.


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