A multi-talented artist, Alejandra is a prolific singer, dancer, songwriter, and actress and former finalist for the John Lennon competition. Born in Queens, New York and inspired by a tough childhood, Alejandra’s music is uplifting, infectious, and speaks to listeners of all walks of life. Her latest album “Urban Mayan Life” is a collection of culturally diverse tracks that touch on a number of topics including struggle, heritage, and the creative process.

Corona, New York, August 13th, 2015 - Although Kelly Alejandra was born in Queens, New York, much of her talent and inspiration comes from her Guatemalan parents. Growing up, the music and culture of the Mayan people was a large part of her life, and it is this unique style of music that Alejandra incorporates into modern pop/dance to create a sound that is both worldly and original. Her interest in music began at age 13 when she saw her friend play bass and taught herself to play.

From there, Alejandra attended LaGuardia Performing Arts High School, which is home to such Alumni as Al Pacino and Jennifer Aniston. Surrounded by a number of brilliant artistic minds, Alejandra learned the skills needed to craft her art, before attending college. Frustrated with the with the college curriculum, she created her own major, the Combined Performing Arts degree, which included a mix of music, dance, and acting. She soon became a finalist in the John Lennon Competition and had a song on MTV Tres.

Largely inspired by her sister, who had Down syndrome, Alejandra used her culturally diverse upbringing and education to create uplifting music to inspire the masses. Recorded with producer Felix Snow, “Urban Mayan Life” is Alejandra’s electric debut album, each track crafted using her wealth of talents to convey a positive message inspired by the Mayan culture. Also a talented actress, Alejandra is currently working on media projects, including a web series to promote her album and help achieve her artistic goals.

Available on iTunes, CD Baby, and her website http://www.alejandraonlline.com, Urban Mayan Life is the perfect crossover album for those interested in Latin music as well as modern dance. Penned by the talented bilingual Alejandra, the album is a great introduction to the Mayan culture and the impact that it had on her as a person as well as an artist. For more information on the talented Alejandra and her album “Urban Mayan Life”, check out her official website http://alejandraonline.com, or her YouTube channel “alejandra the artist”.

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