18 December, 2013: Aliens Space Station is an ambitious residential project with hi-tech amenities that anyone can dream of. The residential park with ultra-modern facilities at Gachibowli-Tellapur in Hyderabad has made my dream of residing in an advanced period come true. The entire facility is an amicable mixture of advanced engineering, along with ultra-modern scientific innovation.

I am taking the liberty to inform that Alien Space Station is able to deliver lifestyle amenities in terms of international standards. I am feeling lucky to be a smart owner of advanced home at the Space Station and enjoying completely hassle free life.

To start with, the home automation feature has simply turned me on. I have a feeling to enjoy the spectacles of a sci-fi movie. I have never seen utilization of such advanced technology in my life. The home automation feature has made me wonderstruck. Everything is controlled and changed with fingertips here. I am able to control almost all facilities of my apartment using my mobile phone itself.

Even the energy saving technology has enabled me to enjoy the privilege of super-advanced living experience at exclusively affordable cost. The automated eco-conscience system installed at my apartment helps to save even single unit of energy whenever possible.

I am amazed to find technological intrusion even in the modular kitchen, apart from its innovative design and grandeur. The LPG gas pipe connection is certainly a boon for me and I am enjoying cooking my favorite dishes without any tension of running out of gas. Here I am also not bothered about the quality of drinking water, since I have the facility of ‘reverse osmosis’ water purification. Aliens Group has definitely introduced innovative features to safeguard the life and health of the residents at Aliens Space Station facility like no other modern housing society.

The entire apartment has advanced fire alarm and security systems that trigger-off with slightest provocation and alerts the security staff. In order to check the effectiveness of technology of the complex, I lighted fire with my gas lighter on the elevator corridors. To my surprise, emergency fire alarms went off activating water sprinklers across the space. Even security guards reached the spot within no time.

I am also enjoying my tension-free life by synchronizing a notification alert to my smartphone. The system sends automated SMS alert in case anyone tries to break into my apartment. I am really bewildered with Aliens Group installing an ‘Away mode Motion Detector’ in every residential section. I am now least bothered about any incident involving unwanted intrusion in my apartment, thanks to advanced and innovative technology that Aliens Group is utilizing.

Now coming to the entire residential sector, I must say that Aliens Group has certainly done a wonderful job to include modern shopping Plaza, Pocket Gardens, Sky Lounges, Planetarium, Helipad, Multiplex theatre, Car parking facilities and even an advanced gymnasium for the residents. The residential facility also has jogging parks, swimming pool and a wide range of water features where the people can enjoy their leisure time in various activities. However, I prefer to utilize my leisure hours to play tennis at the specially designed tennis court. At weekends, I also enjoy movies at the digital amphitheatre.

To sum up, I would definitely give Aliens Space Station a thumbs up for bringing such extra-ordinary facilities under a residential township. I am really feeling proud to be a member of this innovative housing entity.

For Additional Information Visit the Website at: http://www.aliensgroup.in/