09, December 2014: A small Island called Kawai in Hawaii is gaining popularity in becoming one of the most ideal venues for beach wedding, where all facilities are there to make the lifetime occasion a thrilling and exciting one. Brides and Grooms have a wide option in choosing their location and to customize their Hawaiian wedding in perfect style and grandeur. Alii Kauai wedding planner welcomes them to have their dreams of having a destination wedding fulfilled through offering services that are of the highest standards and include every aspect of a proper planning. They are providing everything from wedding essentials to engagement services and much more to help their clients overcome the challenges of planning a wedding to make it a memorable one. 

A recently married couple returning from Kauai had to say” it was simply fantastic and the services we received in helping our destination wedding to be the most memorable event in our life were exemplary. From flower arrangement, videography and Bridal Henna to securing marriage license and choosing an ideal location. Our Hawaiian wedding was one which we had dreamt of for which we are thankful to our wedding planner.” 

Alii Kauai weddings is one of the very few wedding planners who have more than 20 years of experience in assisting in each and every step in the process of planning a destination wedding. They have all arrangements like wedding essentials which include witness presentation, selecting the vows, unlimited emails and phone calls for consultation and many more that are necessary in the process of a wedding ceremony. A British couple still remembers their wedding day at Kauai after 15 years and recollects their unforgettable memories of that day when” Alii Kauai wedding planner helping us in planning our wedding in a perfect way. We opted for the cruise ship wedding package and it was just exhilarating for us as well as for our guests.” 

Alii also provides services on planning of wedding receptions of those of the same sex and those wanting the ceremony to be a spiritual or a purely Christian one. They have a team of talented wedding coordinators to provide personalized services in planning every aspect to make the wedding reception amazing. Booking of dates are accepted by them through their website http://www.aliikauaiweddings.com 

About Alii Kauai Weddings: 

Alii Kauai Weddings is a wedding planner providing services in planning weddings at the Island of Kauai in Hawaii and offering selection of locations in the beautiful place. 

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