China - When it refers to the powder coating paint, there should be many praising reviews to this newly home painting product from majority of consumers. This kind of situation is mainly eventuated by the excellent features of this newly painting product. Today, the engineer from JINHU COLOR POWDER COATING CO.LTD which is the very famous China powder coating manufacturer will let consumers have fully knowing about all advantages for the powder coating product.

Healthy and Environmental Protection

The powder feature of this product could largely eliminate the using of liquid hazardous which the traditional liquid painting product needs to be added to achieve the good painting performance. People should remember variously of adversely liquid substances which their parents added into the traditional coating paint to decorate the wall of their room. However, if people could apply the newly powder coating paint from powder coating , this kind of harmful situation will never occur again.

Easy to Transport and Storage

The powder feature also let the transportation and storage become very convenient. All of people should have the commonly knowing that the normal coating contains water or solvents which proportion is about 20 to 50 percent. However, the newly powder coating, neither contain water nor solvent and it is the completely solid. So, the transportation for this kind of solid painting is very safe and convenient. Furthermore, the traditional painting will east to be damage in the low temperature storage and transporting process. However, the powder coating paint does not have this problem.

No Preservatives

In the conventional liquid coatings, it will contain water and the necessary food for the bacteria so that the traditional coating paint will be easy to get the bacterial contamination. Therefore, people need to add some special preservatives to prevent the deterioration. However, the powder coating does not exist the problem of bacterial contamination so there is no need for people to add any kinds of preservatives.

Odor of Paint

Compared with the odor residue of the conventional paint, the powder paint from can be quickly dispersed. The speed for odor disappearing is very quickly. People could well experience this advantage after using of this newly painting product.

In addition to all above advantages, there are also many other kinds of strong point of this type of products. Furthermore, with the progress of the technology and workmanship, the will try their best to publish more and more new environmental friendly painting products for the majority of consumers around the world. If people have fully interesting about the powder coating paint of this famous manufacturer, please quickly browse their official website.


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