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You need to keep in mind that the Forna flooring products have been created for the European space for more than a decade, these being also available to the North American market for the last couple of years. What needs to be remembered is that Forna flooring is considered as “Formaldehyde Free” and “V.O.C. Free” by the ECO Institute in Cologne, Germany. You ought to bear in mind that absolutely all adhesives and varnishes which are used to produce and finish the Forna products are supplied by Loba-Wakol and have been certified as “V.O.C. Free” from the same European laboratories.
Did you know that cork is resistant to flame? Should it be such a situation where Forna cork products catch fire, these will not produce harmful chemicals during a burn. What is more, there are no carcinogens produced, much less associated with Forna Cork Flooring products. Thanks to its cellular structure, cork is a great insulator. It has a “honey-comb” like structure which is made up mostly out of air, thus making it buoyant.
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