China - By the aid of the Universal Surround View Park system from, the driver could easily see the car position and obstacles around the vehicle through the viewing monitor in the car and then the driver could control and park their vehicle calmly into place where has very complex road condition. The help of this system could effectively reduce traffic accidents such as crashing, collision, falling and others. Now, the editor from will give people detailed description about functions of this practical car parking system.

Assistant for car parking

In the car parking process, the driver could only need to determine around obstacles by viewing display in the central of driving seat. This system could precision show with people the overlooking video of the car and it can greatly improve the safety performance of car parking.

Helping the car past narrow road

By the Around View Monitor system¡¯s camera at both side of the car, the drive could easily determine the distance between objects and both sides of the cars. This function could help to avoid the collision and help to pass complex road easily.

Judge the distance and height of obstacles

When the position of the front and rear parking obstacle is very short and the car parking radar cannot better detect these obstacles, driver could directly view the video display at center console. This can help them easily judge the distance and height of obstacles around the car and then the vehicle parking will become more and more safety.

Expand the field of vision

When the driver is driving to the intersection of the road, they can see the180 degrees image and video of front and rear of the car by the center console images displaying, thus, the road condition of the head and back of the car could be easily determined. The driver does not need to check the road condition behind the car by head wring.

Driving Line Correction

When the car goes straight on the road, driver can directly open the front camera of this Around View Park system to check whether the car is at the straight driving line. If the car deviate the initial straight driving line, the driver can easily find this kind of situation via the center console and then they could timely correct this by the aid software of this system.

After knowing about all useful functions of Around View Park above, each vehicle owner should have the desirous to install one set of this system into their car. Don¡¯t worry about this and please visit website to choose your favorite one.


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